• 21st Century Heat Treating Solutions

  • Traditional Heat Treating Thinking

    Slow the quench rate to eliminate part cracking. This produces “acceptable distortion” and balanced hardness and ductility (toughness).


    The “textbook” graph looks something like this...

    But this is 20th century thinking!


    Technologies have changed and innovation in the heat treating industry means it is no longer the “crack and bend” department. Integrated Heat Treating Solutions is bringing heat treating into a new dimension.

  • 21st Century Heat Treating

    Saves Money, Increases Durability & Reduces Waste.

  • It’s a transformative way to look at heat treating a part!

    It offers consistently better properties from a given alloy of steel...

    When applying Uniform Quench Renewal Rates (UQRRTM) using a uniform and intensive water quenchant, the result is a predictable size change (we call it Quench2FitTM); this concept is often difficult to comprehend since we were taught to believe otherwise. But, IHTS has been successfully applying this new technology for years. (View these 21st Century Heat Treating Case Studies)

  • IHTS Combines Three Schools of Metallurgy for Part Design


    Right People + (Processes + Materials) + Equipment


    Heat Treating for Industry 4.0 is granular-level control of heating and cooling of metals - often to extreme temperatures and with fast cooling rates - to refine the metal alloys’ crystalline grain structure in order to obtain a desired set of mechanical properties for a part.


    This equals balanced hardness and ductility, plus all the added value from optimal residual compressive surface stresses.

  • Dr. Quench’sTM Skunkworks’ Proven Benefits from Z-Dimension Designs - Five Case Studies

    See the results of five different real-life scenarios and discover how an integrated heat treating solution could help differentiate your business.