• Z-Dimension Designs

  • Turning Vision & Ideas into Reality

    Z-Dimension Designs brings design and engineering expertise to the 21st century heat treating conversation.

    The Bridge Between a Concept and a Finished Heat Treated or Forged Part

    A separate, yet fully integrated entity, Z-Dimension Designs is the industrial design arm of the Integrated Heat Treating Solutions (IHTS) team.


    IHTS brings all the players in the part making supply chain together - the “Value Champions” - together to find heat treated related wastes and create more added value from heat treatments for the end users of your parts.


    Z-Dimension Designs (Z-2D) is responsible for designing, developing and building the equipment needed to produce the part utilizing traditional as well as 21st century heat treating techniques optimized for your part by the IHTS team of Value Champions.


    Akron Steel Treating Company (ASTC), a commercial heat treating company with 75+ years working with more than 1,200 different part makers, can help your part making team to proof your heat treating processes and any new equipment for your production heat treating team.

  • Dr. Quench’sTM Skunkworks’ Proven Benefits from Z-Dimension Designs - Five Case Studies

    See the results of five different real-life scenarios and discover how an integrated heat treating solution could help differentiate your business.