Optimizing part design for lean manufacturing

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Direct from the Forge Instant-Impact Quenching (DFIIQ™)

By quenching parts direct from the forge, the Instant-Impact Quenching unit eliminates the energy waste of cooling in air and having to austenitize again before quenching. Very high intensity quenchant flow is needed at the part surface shell to eliminate non-uniform film boiling and prevent the part from cracking. A Uniform Quench Renewal Rate (UQRR) that simultaneously “instantly-impacts” the entire hot part shell can set the part shell’s geometry, prevent part cracking and provide a uniformly higher as-quenched surface hardness.

DFIIQ can be accomplished in two ways: IQ-2™ is Intensive Quenching done in a tank with the hot parts presented in batches; IQ-3™ is single part quenching usually at a more intensive “high velocity” flow of 5 to 20 meters per second.