Optimizing part design for lean manufacturing

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High-Pressure Intensive Quench (HPIQ™)

Since the late 1990s, experiments in high-pressure intensive quenching revealed the misconceptions of established heating and cooling methodologies which asserted that gradual cooling resulted in optimum part quality while reducing distortion. Through many years of continuous experimentation since then, IHTS has developed its patented Instant-Impact Intensive Quenching system, incorporating water manifolds and nozzles, which defies the traditional bell curve model, and actually results in twice the level of beneficial residual compressive surface stresses in a ductile iron part compared to a traditional case carburized and oil quenched 8620 steel part.

So, in many cases, using IHTS’s patented DAT heating and HPIQ intensive quenching techniques in combination, part designers can now use a less expensive low alloy through-hardening steel, or a low cost continuously cast ductile iron billet or tube, and achieve a case hardened and core toughened result with predictable distortion and no cracking.