Optimizing part design for lean manufacturing

IHTS Products


Dual Austenitizing Temperature (DAT™)

IHTS’s patent pending DAT™ (“Dual Austenitize Temperature”) staged heating methods applies uniform heating to every profile of the part, whether it is symmetrical or not, so the entire surface attains the same austenitizing temperature necessary to allow the subsequent high-pressure intensive quench (HPIQ) process to instantly freeze the part’s shell to avoid cracking. While the benefits of HPIQ are well understood, what is not so clear is that the heating process must also be applied in a direct and uniform manner to achieve the desired results. IHTS has solved this with DAT.

The combination of DAT heating and HPIQ keeps the thin part core from hardening all the way through during the intensive water quench, something that earlier equipment could not do. And, at the same time, DAT+HPIQ can yield the maximum hardness for a given alloy system; even a “carbide-like” hardness where it is needed.