• Save Money. Increase Durability. Reduce Waste.


    Many part manufacturers, whether they know it or not, have come to accept "good enough" when it comes to heat treating their parts. We have developed and successfully deployed a totally new dimension in heat treating that ensures a stronger, far more superior, Quench2FitTM part - consistently. This adds value at every stage of the process, from design to development to prototyping to production, ultimately providing a measurable strategic advantage in the marketplace.

    Consistency Is an Issue

    Uniformity of heating and cooling during heat treatments has been a problem since the days of blacksmiths hand crafting parts at their forge, and is still an issue for most commercial heat treaters. However, advances in 21st century controls and furnace heating and quench systems have made a huge difference in delivering consistent results by controlling the beneficial compressive surface stresses during heat treatments.

    “Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough

    It’s a fact that size change during the heat treating process is unavoidable... but, in the 21st century, it doesn’t need to be “unmanageable.” You shouldn’t have to accept “good enough” any longer. Integrated Heat Treating Solutions will help you design Quench2FitTM parts that eliminate the need for post-treatment operations - e.g. hard turning, final grinding and part cleaning...potentially saving you millions of dollars a year!

    There IS a Better Way

    In addition to more than 75 years of commercial heat treating experience at Akron Steel Treating, the team at Integrated Heat Treating Solutions offers knowledge and expertise of advanced 21st century technologies to help eliminate heat treating related wastes and ultimately provides more value to your customers and their end users.

  • The IHTS Process​

    Contact us to learn more about this unique 5-step process that ensures added value for you, your customers and the end users.


    Establish a Team of Value Champions, End-user Value Survey and Benefits Analysis Briefing


    Create a Part-Specific Z-Dimension Design Solution & Heat Treating Cost-Benefits Survey


    Create Value Champions within Your Company’s Design, Sourcing & Manufacturing Teams


    Value Champions Build Prototype Parts with Your Whole Supply Chain and Heat Treat Team at One of IHTS’s Skunkworks (Production Integrators)


    Customer Rollout & Value Marketing

  • Dr. Quench’sTM Skunkworks’ Proven Benefits from Z-Dimension Designs - Five Case Studies

    See the results of five different real-life scenarios and discover how an integrated heat treating solution could help differentiate your business.